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    Welcome to Hampton National Historic Site

    The Hampton Home Farm preserves the core of a once vast agricultural enterprise that was comprised of over 25,000 acres. In its heyday the Hampton estate boasted many outlying farms. However, the Home Farm was the only one in line of site with the mansion.  Fields of rye, wheat, corn and hay grew where modern suburban homes now stand. 

    Walking the grounds of the Hampton Home Farm and contemplating the lives of the people who lived here gives us a glimpse into America’s agricultural past.

    In addition to the magnificent structures and landscape one finds here, Hampton National Historic Site is also a place where one can learn of the divisions of the early American class structure, as well as the institution of slavery.  

    We welcome you to explore the aesthetic beauty of the site along with the deep and compelling stories of enslaved African-Americans, white and black tenant farmers, and the Ridgely family whose ownership of Hampton spanned over 200 years of American history.