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    Welcome to Hampton National Historic Site

    Hampton National Historic Site is comprised of two areas, the mansion, with its surrounding outbuildings and grounds, and the Home Farm. The Hampton Home Farm, in the line of sight with the mansion, preserves the core of a once vast estate containing many outlying farms on over 25,000 acres. Fields of rye, wheat, corn, and hay grew where modern homes now stand.

    Today's 14-acre farm landscape includes the Lower House, Slave Quarters, and a cluster of structures that were sites of enforced and paid labor on Hampton Plantation. These buildings and grounds are little changed since the mid-19th century and tell stories spanning over 200 years of American history.

    This grounds tour will help you explore the landscape and structures of Hampton Plantation as they were used by enslaved and indentured individuals and families, white and black tenant farmers, overseers, farm managers, and seven generations of the Ridgely family, who owned the Hampton estate.

    Events and Activities